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Funded by the Vicerreitoría de Investigación of the University of A Coruña and the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain

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Parallelizing Compilation Scheme for Reduction of Power Consumption of Chip Multiprocessors

Jun Shirako1, Naoto Oshiyama1, Yasutaka Wada1, Hiroaki Shikano2, Keiji Kimura1,2 and Hironori Kasahara1,2
1 Department of Computer Science, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
2 Advanced Chip Multiprocessor Research Institute, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

With the advance of semiconductor integration technology, chip multiprocessor architectures, or multi core processor architectures have attracted much attention to achieve high effective performance, low price and short development period.

To this end, a parallelizing compiler for chip multiprocesors is expected that allows us to parallelize program effectively, to control the voltage and clock frequency of computing resources and storages carefully inside an application program.

This paper proposes a power reduction parallelizing compilation scheme under the multigrain parallel processing environment that controls Voltage/Frequency and power supply of each processor core on a chip. Also, the performance of the proposed power saving parallelizing compilation scheme on a chip multiprocessor using several benchmark programs is evaluated.

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