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JaMP: An Implementation of OpenMP for a Java DSM

M. Klemm, M. Bezold, R. Veldema and M. Phipippsen
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Erlangen, Germany

In this paper we present JaMP, an adaptation of the OpenMP standard for the Java programming language. JaMP is fitted to Jackal, a Software Distributed Memory implementation for Java. Unlike other implementations of OpenMP for Java we did not implement a preprocessor but rather a special compiler pass to enable potential compiler based optimizations and analysises.

While the set of supported directives is directly adopted from the OpenMP standard, we also satisfy all requirements that are enforced by the Java Language Specification and the Java Memory Model. However, our implementation does not contain the full set of support functions defined in the OpenMP standard.

We evaluated the performance of the JaMP compiler in a series of benchmarks consisting of various small micro--benchmarks and the Java Grande Benchmarks. Both benchmark series show that the performance achieved by the JaMP parallel version is on par with their explicitly threaded equivalents.

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